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The inspiration behind the Karkelokiitäjä pattern is the magical atmosphere of cycles of seasons. The red-purple version of the Karkelokiitäjä reflects the beautiful colors of autumn, the designer´s favorite season. Delivery time for the Karkelokiitäjä fabric is about 12 days.

“Karkelokiitäjä rose toward the sky, waving her wings. Suddenly, like in magic, the nature wore the incredible riot of colors glowing pure uniqueness.”

Karkelokiitäjä interior fabric is made of solid cotton sateen and sold by report (complete pattern).
Price unit is per report (81,5 cm): = 40 €.

Please note when ordering Karkelokiitäjä fabric, the price of one unit (40€) is for one pattern repetition (81,5cm). If you order, for example curtain fabric for 3 pattern reports, please mark 3 price units (244,5cm)

40,00 €
In stock

Material: 100% cotton sateen
Fabric width: 150 cm
Report size: 81.5 cm (sold by report: 81,5cm, 163cm, 244,5cm …)
Washing instructions: Normal wash 40 degrees