Dance on the Roses
  • Dance on the Roses
  • Dance on the Roses, photo: Kaisu Jouppi
  • Dance on the Roses, photo: Kaisu Jouppi

Dance on the Roses is a very special and artistic interior fabric with deep philosophical story behind the artwork.

“Life isn’t a dance on the roses they say, but when you pick up the tiny moments of everyday life, the ones that make you smile and laugh, you can feel the dance. And all those happy moments of your everyday life, ones which you feel and share with an open mind – they are unique, and not comparable to anything. Happiness can’t be compared to or combined with money and status. A person who lacks money for shoes dances on the same line as everyone else. Maybe even higher. Take care of your dance buddy.”

Dance on the Roses interior fabric is made of solid cotton sateen and sold by report (complete pattern).
Price unit is per report (130 cm): = 75 €.

Please note when ordering Dance on the Roses fabric, the price of one unit (75 €) is for one pattern repetition (130cm). If you order, for example curtain fabric for 2 pattern reports, please mark 2 price units (260cm)

75,00 €
In stock

Material: 100% cotton sateen
Fabric width: 150 cm
Report size: 130 cm (sold by report: 130cm, 260cm, 390cm …)
Washing instructions: Normal wash 40 degrees